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Checkout the Windows 7 videos available on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/windowsvideos. I really fancied the touch mode in Windows 7, the complete UI of windows becomes a “IPhone-look-a-like-UI”. I think that my next screen for my computer  should be a touch screen, however I guess there will be huge problems with smudges on the screen…

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A great book?!

I visited hotel “Gästis” in Varlberg this weekend, and they got over 10.000 books (at least to claim they have). As a staying guest you my borrow any book you like and if you don’t finished it over your stay, you’re allowed to bring the book with you when you’re leaving. I found the book “Välja bil” (Select car) from 1970…

Välja bil

In the book you can read about many cars, such as Aston Martin DB 6 Mk II, DAF 55, Porsche 911, etc. I (as a big fan of Volvo cars) found the following pages very interesting:

Välja bil Volvo P1800

Here, you can read that the Volvo 1800E, costed 28700:- Swedish crowns 1971.  Futher more you can read that on the plus-side the car has a good engine, robust construction, excellent comfort, on minus-side the price, the visability, the road characteristics. There also a lot more to read, but I’m to lazy to translate it all…

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Head to http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/windows-7/download.aspx and download a copy of Windows 7 RC (release candidate) for free. It is valid until June 1, 2010! I’ve done so and will soon try it out (however only on a VPC).

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I got an error trying to receive an EDIfact file (A COARRI D95B) containing a value in the UNH2.5 field (Association Assigned Code_0057):

“Error encountered during parsing. The Edifact transaction set with id ” contained in interchange (without group) with id ‘1CJ6U’, with sender id ‘SENDERID’, receiver id ‘RECEIVERID’ is being suspended with following errors:

Error: 1 (Miscellaneous error)
 502: Document spec type
http://schemas.microsoft.com/BizTalk/EDI/EDIFACT/2006#EFACT_D95B_COARRI_ITG13 not found”

I was using the Edifact schema as is from the XDR folder in BizTalk.

The file contained the following row in UNH:


Then I found the following on Microsoft’s web site (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb246058.aspx):

“If you use UNH2.5 (the Association assigned code) for schema resolution of an incoming EDIFACT interchange, you will need to update the relevant document schema in the drive: \Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009\XSD_Schema folder. You will need to append the value of UNH2.5 to the existing values for the root_reference, display_reference, and xs:element name. For example, if UNH2.5 is “EAN008” and you are using the EFACT_D96A_INVOIC schema,  you would set root_reference, display_reference, and xs:element name to “EFACT_D96A_INVOIC_EAN008″.”

Obviously I had to change the schema. I simply changed the node name of the root node, from EFACT_D95B_COARRI to EFACT_D95B_COARRI_ITG12 (where IGT12 is the value supplied in the in file in UNH2.5). This changed the root_reference to EFACT_D95B_COARRI_ITG12 automatically. Then, I added IGT12 value to the type_name property as well (this property was now set to EFACT_D95B_COARRI_ITG12).

Now, BizTalk could recognize the file and everything works perfectly!

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Using virtual machines for you development BizTalk servers? Check out the scripts available under the sdk in BTS 09 for changing the computer name and update various instances of the machine name that are stored in registry and databases as well!

I tried it myself some time ago and didn’t get it to work (I had problems acessing  the datebase after I ran the scripts). I didn’t have time to figure out what went wrong, but it’s a lot of different values to change in the config files… However, I made a backup copy of my vpc before I ran the scripts so it wasn’t a problem.

Check it out at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd792685.aspx.

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If you want to set your own custom value for the “Message Reference Number” (0062) field in an UNT segment, you have to supply your own value for the “Number of Segments in a Message” (0074) field. This could be done in several ways, one way is to use two scripts functiods with inline C#,  like this (in this particular example the output is a pseudo edifact file with a custom made schema, but this will work ok for the supplied edifact schemas as well):

The first script functiod should be connected to all segments that should be counted (UNH, BGM, …), see image below.

And contain the following code:

// Global counter
int number = 0;

// Return number of segments in mapped message
public void CalcNumSegments()

Segment counter

Connect your second script functiod to the “Number of Segments in a Message” (0074) field and use the following code:

// Return number of segments in mapped message
public int CalcNumSegments(string dummy)
   // Add 1 for UNT itself
    return number +1;

The drawback for this method is that if you connect the first functiod to segments that are not mapped in the map, you will get empty nodes (this could be solved by adding logical functiods to any segments that may or may not be mapped).

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How do you identify your sql server? It’s simple (but I always forget how :-)), just run the command:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’)

Check out http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321185 for more information.

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