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Live mesh

Heard of Live mesh?

It’s Microsofts free syncronization service, i.e. you can synchronize files and folder with different computers as well as getting a virtual desktop where you can access your files from any computer with an internet connection!

Check it out at www.mesh.com.

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Trouble getting your db connection strings right? Create a text file with the ending .udl and double click it. Now, you will get a gui for entering values as well as a button for testing the connection!

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I ran into this problem a while ago on my development vpc. To solve it, I did a repair of the BizTalk installation. However, a better solution is to edit the registry.

Checkout http://blogs.msdn.com/biztalkcrt/archive/2009/08/21/visual-studio-2008-fails-to-create-open-biztalk-projects.aspx for the solution.

Thanks to Niklas for finding the link!

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