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Nikon recently released the lenses AF-S NIKKOR 16-35MM F/4G ED VR and AF-S NIKKOR 24MM F/1.4G ED.

I guess the 16-35 is a replacement for the old Nikon 17-35 2,8 (currently sold in USA/Asia). I’ve planned to by the 17-35 to have as my wide angle zoom, but now I can’t decide if I will buy the new one instead (or maybe I just buy the cheaper 18-35 3,5-4,5 instead)…

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I ran into problems installing VS Studio 2005 from the MSDN subscriber discs. I tried to install it directly from the DVD, which obviously does not  work!

First I tried to copy all content from the DISK1 folder onto a iso file that I mounted, but that did not work (I guess you have to supply a correct volume name).

The solution was to copy the content from the DISK1 folder onto c:\DVD1 and run autorun.exe from there. Then, when installing, I got an error that a file was missing, I simply copied all content from the DISK2 folder to C:\DVD1 (I figured out that the installation needed disk2 to continue). Make sure you chose not to overwrite any existing files.

You can check out this links with other suggestions that might work for you:


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