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The Nikon D300 supports 6fps without a battery grip and 8fps with a battery grip. However, it is possible to shot a burst of 9 shots with the rate of 8fps without a grip!

Do the following settings in the menu:

Custom settings menu –

c. Custom setting bank – Select a new bank, for instance B.
e. Bracketing/flash
– e5. Auto bracketing set = Flash only.
– e6. Auto bracketing mode = Flash only.
f. Controls
– f4. Assign Func button. Func button press = Bkt bracketing burst. Func button + dials = Bkt auto bracketing.

That’s all the settings, now hold down the Func button and change the right dial so the upper lcd shows 9F 1.0.

Then, set the left dial to S.

Finally set the Qual to Large (it does not work with Large + raw at the same time).

Then, hold down the Func button, press down the shutter half way to focus, and press all the way to fire away a burst of maximum 9 shots at 8fps!

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If you want to change the product key for Office 10 after installation (like I wanted), you can do this by simply heading to Control Panel > Program and features. Select the office from the list and right click on it and select change. Select the “Enter a product key” option from the opened windows and enter the new product key here.

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