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Well, since the special field “Page n of m” in Crystal Reports gets translated to the current language set for the application and you might not want that, this solves this problem:

  • Drag the special field “Page Number” onto the report.
  • Right click and select “Format¬†Object”.
  • Select the “Show string” button (X+2) and enter the following:
    ‘Page ‘ + totext(pagenumber, 0)+ ‘ of ‘ + totext(totalpagecount, 0)
  • You can change the text ‘Page ‘ and ‘ of ‘ to whatever you want…

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Today I purchased the game “Project Cars” and it came with Steam. When trying the installer from the disc, it wanted to download the whole game (I didn’t want to wait such a long time), you must do like this to start from the disc:

  • Start a command promt (or use Win+R).
  • Enter the command “”C:\Program files\Steam\Steam.exe” -install D:”, replace “Program files” with the actual name where Steam is installed and “D:” with the drive letter for your DVD.

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VirtualBox VBOX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED Drive Resize Error or How to resize a Virtualbox that has fixed size:

VBoxManage clonehd mydrive.vdi newdrive.vdi --variant Standard
VBoxManage modifyhd --resize 8096 newdrive.vdi

Replace 8096 with the size in Mb you wish to change to (you cannot shrink a disk!).

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