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If you want to use another remote together with Nvidia Shield TV, it can be done with the Flirc dongle. I successfully used this together with an Apple TV remote (I already has the Shield remote, but it often runs out of power, so it’s nice to have another remote as backup when charging the Shield remote). You can basicly use any IR-remote of your choice with Flirc.

Do like this, if you want to map keys for the Shield:
– Connect your Flirc dongle to your computer and use the Flirc GUI to start mapping keys.
– Use the full keyboard as controller (Flirc has the Nvidia Shield TV as a controller, but I didn’t get it to work with my apple remote).
– Map Up, Down, Right and Left to your remote.
– Map Enter (not Enter/Return) to Select on your remote.
– Map Backspace to Back on your remote.
– Map Windows key + Enter to Home on your remote.
– Connect the Flirc dongle to the Shield and start using the remote 🙂

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