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This is my C64DTV (30 games in a joystick that could be connected directly to the tv). It is a Commodore C64 emulator which easily could be modded.

I could not resist to include my Iphone with the C64 emulator in the photo as well…

My C64DTV Version 1 (NTSC) was modded to fit in a Commodore Datasette.

My hack/mod includes:

  • Two external joystick ports
  • IEC port (disk drive port) with power supply connector (i.e. +5V out)
  • PS/2 keyboard port
  • 5V power supply with power switch
  • Reset button

Planned hacks/mods:

  • Joystick B up (C64DTV version 1 has all the connections for joystick B except up. This could be fixed by adding a logic circuit and so the keyboard send out a “1” key press when the user moves the joystick up. The later versions of the dtv has a connection for joy B up on the pcb)
  • sd2iec (floppy drive emulator using an sd card)
  • S-video port

Checkout more images as well as solder points and pinout…

NOTE! I made a mistake in the solder points image, the Ground point under JOY A FIRE, isn’t really ground.

Any attached keyboard would not work due to timing issues, a really old AT keyboard or and old PS/2 is preferred. I have not yet got a keyboard to test this mod, but others have reported it to be successful.

To enter BASIC mode on the C64DTV, move the joystick left and right continously during boot up and select it from the new menu.

If you don’t have a keyboard, you could just hold down the fire button on the joystick, and a virtual keyboard would appear (in BASIC mode)!

Btw, the C64DTV is no longer produced, but you can occasionally buy one from E-bay (like I did)!

For more information about the C64DTV, checkout this link: http://picobay.com/dtv_wiki/index.php?title=C64_DTV_Hacking_Wiki

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