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I attended the seminar “Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin” in Stockholm last night and it was very interesting!
Stephen Thomas was the key speaker and he spoke about what Dublin is, what it does and he also made some demonstration (from a only 3 weeks old version of “Dublin”), were he deployed and worked with WCF and WF services in “Dublin” (.Net 4.0). 

“Dublin”, will be shipped as an add on to IIS in Windows Server 2008,  and you will get four new icons in the IIS manager for managing and monotoring your WCF/WF services.

One thing (which is a bit funny), it that you recognize a lot if you are a BizTalk developer. Creating WFs in Visual Studio 10 (released sometime next year), you do a lot of drag and drop programming (dragging shapes onto the WF). Furthermore, the management tool in IIS for Dublin is quite similar to the Management tool in BizTalk; services can be stopped, suspended services can be resumed.

So, what’s the difference between “Dublin” and Biztalk?
– BizTalk has build in support for a lot of different adapters, for example the EDI adapter. Dublin does only have support for wcf adapters.
– Dublin does not have a mapping tool such as BizTalk’s mapper (however, mapping could be done in xslt, but it’s not visual).
– Dublin is ideal for low latency solutions, where it may be a better solution to use instead of BizTalk.

So, what can I say about “Dublin”? I think that you can see it as a light version of BizTalk, where people is going to host some WCF/WF services for some flows and use BizTalk for others (depending on the needs).

When will Dublin be released? Microsoft will probably release a beta later this year (in the fall?) and it will be released at the same time as Visual Studio 10 (sometime early 2010).

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