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I had problems adding a input field dynamically to the JQuery client side validation. This is how I solved the problem:

In javascript, I added the following, when checking a checkbox:

$("#idOfMyInputField").attr("data-val", true);
$("#idOfMyInputField").attr("data-val-required", "Custom error message");

I also needed to re-initialize the validation of the form (this does the trick to the validator to find the new validation):

var formSelector = "#idOfMyForm";

When, un-checking the  checkbox, I simply removed the data-val attributes with:


And then, re-run the re-initialize code once again (like above) so the validation is removed for the input field.

I also tried using the rules add method directly on the input field i JQuery, but somehow I didn’t get it to work (maybe the version of JQuery we use is too old for this, I know there are some bugs at least for the messages part that is fixed).

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