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The Aero HC system is an aero bottle from Profile Design which will mount the bottle on top of the
extension bars on an TT aero handle bar. This design makes it easier to drink while in the aero
position in the tt bar.


It comes with a bottle, straw and base which is attached using velcro straps.
I had by extensions quite tight on my bike, and had to move them a side a little bit to get the
base to fit in between the extension.

On top of the bottle is a refilling lid. The lid makes it quite easy to refill the bottle while cycling,
it’s just to open it. Then to take a regular bottle (for example that’s located in a holder in back
of the seat) and squeze the content by pressing a few times into the aero bottle.

The straw is made of semi hard plastics which stays straight. However, I have found it to be a bit
to hard when trying to drink while going over some bump in the road, which makes it hurt a bit in your gum.
So I cut the straw a bit and added a standard biting valve to the straw (however, I think that this makes
it a bit more un-aero, but much more comfortable).

By using an aero bottle like this one, I’m drinking a lot more while in aero position, since it just in front
of you the whole time, and you just have to bend your head slightly to sip.

I’ve been using mine over a year and is very pleased with it.

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