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One thing that is importand when riding a race bike is setting it up optimally for speed, power efficiency at a comfortable level.

I’m currently rebuilding my old mountainbike as a road bike, with 700C race wheels and drop handlebar, and want to have a good starting point for the handlebars. This is where bike fitting comes in!


I have started with 9 cm seat to handlebar drop. I was out riding my bicycle some days ago for a 23km run and felt som numbness in my lower region (read private parts). I rode the first half mainly on the lower drops and the last half at the top (due to the numbness).
My saddle was pointing a bit up, and I think it was this that caused the numbness. I have now lowered the saddle so it points down slightly, I also rotated the steam a bit so it’s more level to the ground. I hope this will solve the problem and I will continue to investigate in a few weeks (I’m waiting for new handlebar brakes) and will install new shifters as well as rebuilding a more normal back tire to 135mm.

More information about bike fitting could be found on the net! Here are two links to get you started:



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