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Microsoft released a VPC for BizTalk 2009 to be used as live demo or hands-on labs.

Download it here:

The virtual machine image contains a full live demo and six hands-on labs of BizTalk Server 2009, which highlight integration with SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows Workflow (.NET 3.5).

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Microsoft released this white paper which describes how to connect BizTalk Server 2009 with Sharepoint 2007. Check it out at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=dd4e843d-2121-4016-8391-d763d0ff0a08. You could also check out my old post about this subject.

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Using the Sharepoint Adapter is quite straight forward, however you have to setup and configure some things to get it running. This is how I did:

  1. I installed Sharepoint 2007 on my BizTalk 2009 VPC.
  2. I modified the BizTalk installation on the VPC (re-ran the setup.exe), and included the Sharepoint Adapter Web Service. The Sharepoint adapter has two parts, the actual adapter in BizTalk and this webservice. The webservice must be installed on the Sharepoint server (run the BizTalk setup.exe on the server that Sharepoint is installed and install only this webservice).
  3. I extended the site in Sharepoint (I have problems configuring the Sharepoint adapter in BizTalk Configuration otherwise).
    In Central Administration > Application Management > Create or Exten Web Application, I did the following:
    – I selected web application= “Sharepoint 80”.
    – Port = “8080”.
    – The rest, I left default.
  4. Then, I reconfigured the identity of the application pool “BTSharePointAdapterWSAppPool” from “Network service” to “Administrator” (this account has rights to the Sharepoint site, which is a must!).
  5. Then, in BizTalk Configuration MMC, then I checked “Enable Windows Sharepoint Adapter on this computer”, on the Sharepoint Adapter page. 
     On “Windows Sharepoint Services Adapter Web Site” I selected my newly extended site “SharePoint – 8080”.
  6. Added the BizTalk account (the account running BizTalk) to the “Sharepoint Enabled Host” group using the Computer Management MMC.
  7. Then I restared my BizTalk host (must be done).
  8. Then, I created a receive and send port in BizTalk. The Receive is just a plain file port which could take any file with a passthrough pipeline. In the send port I set the filter to the BTS.ReceivePortName as the name of my Receiveport. Then, I set the transport type of the send port to “Windows Sharepoint Services” and pipeline to “Passthrough” and pressed configure to set the following values:
    – Adapter Web Service Port = 8080
    – Desination Folder URL = Documents (name of Sharpoint Library)
    – Filename = %MessageID%
    – Overwrite = Rename
    – Sharepoint Site URL = http://<name_of_server>:8080 (replace <name_of_server> with the name of the server where SharePoint is installed).
    – Microsoft Office Integration = No
  9. Then, I simply dropped a file to the receive location, and it was sucessfully imported into Sharepoint.
  10. If you want to have a better name than the MessageID, you could use the %Filename% macro, but then you have to make your own custom pipeline to set the %Filename% property first.

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