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I finally got around to test Windows 7 (I’m running it on my web/media server). It looks a lot like Vista, but hopefully it’s way better. 

I had troubles getting my old Soundblaster Live 5.1 to work with Windows 7, but after downloading kx-driver (freeware driver for soundblaster) I got it running  by doing the following:

I ran msconfig to disable the kx mixer in startup (since it crashes under Windows 7).
Then I right clicked on kxmixer.exe and set it to run under Vista compability. Then I created a shortcut to kxmixer and added it to the Startup folder on the windows menu.

Now, kx-mixer starts during boot, but the sound was terrible! Then, I went to the control panel>Sound and selected a different output to be default, see below (I set the  SPDIF/AC3 as default since I’m only using digital out). Now, the sound is cristal clear and everything works prefectly…

Windows 7

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