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Simply run the command (it’s part of the Team Foundation Power Tools), this also makes it possible to do a undo checkout on ┬áthem:

tfpt uu . /noget /recursive

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Merging of code could be a bit of pane in the ass sometimes, however when you only made changes to a number of files it might be easier to go trough a list of changed file and merge each of tem one by one.

You can get such as list by doing the following:

– Go to the ‘Source Control Explorer’
– Right-click on the folder you want to compare, and choose compare.
– Change the source version type to ‘Date’ and specify the start-date
– Change the target path to point to the same folder as the source path (i.e. the server-path)
– Change the target version type to Date and specify the end-date (or just leave it blank if you want to see all changed files up to todays date)

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