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A great book?!

I visited hotel “Gästis” in Varlberg this weekend, and they got over 10.000 books (at least to claim they have). As a staying guest you my borrow any book you like and if you don’t finished it over your stay, you’re allowed to bring the book with you when you’re leaving. I found the book “Välja bil” (Select car) from 1970…

Välja bil

In the book you can read about many cars, such as Aston Martin DB 6 Mk II, DAF 55, Porsche 911, etc. I (as a big fan of Volvo cars) found the following pages very interesting:

Välja bil Volvo P1800

Here, you can read that the Volvo 1800E, costed 28700:- Swedish crowns 1971.  Futher more you can read that on the plus-side the car has a good engine, robust construction, excellent comfort, on minus-side the price, the visability, the road characteristics. There also a lot more to read, but I’m to lazy to translate it all…

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