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Well, since the special field “Page n of m” in Crystal Reports gets translated to the current language set for the application and you might not want that, this solves this problem:

  • Drag the special field “Page Number” onto the report.
  • Right click and select “Format¬†Object”.
  • Select the “Show string” button (X+2) and enter the following:
    ‘Page ‘ + totext(pagenumber, 0)+ ‘ of ‘ + totext(totalpagecount, 0)
  • You can change the text ‘Page ‘ and ‘ of ‘ to whatever you want…

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Simply run the command (it’s part of the Team Foundation Power Tools), this also makes it possible to do a undo checkout on ¬†them:

tfpt uu . /noget /recursive

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I successfully followed the official release notes for MVC4 which describes how to upgrade a MVC3 project to MVC4. I did the same, but upgraded a MVC2 project.

See here what should be done:

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I got this tip from a friend, i.e. to disable ping in the identity pool to avoid timeouts during debugging of web applications: http://www.shubho.net/2011/02/debugging-timeout-visual-studio-iis7.html. Thanks a lot Per!

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We’re still using VS Studio 2005 in a project for a customer (and I guess many others are as well) and frequently receives the out of memory exception while working. The solution is quite large, with a lot of files and many projects.

Many others also has encountered this problem, and these sources have a solution for it (I have not yet tried it myself):


Jet BRAINS (Re-sharper) Out of memory fix

Hacking Visual Studio to Use More Than 2Gigabytes of Memory

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I found this setting to be useful when working with VS Studio connected to VSS over VPN.

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The icons in the toolbox for Visual Studio 2005 on my machine was gone (they all showed the same icon), this can be fixed by importing your own settings!

Do it like this:

From Tools>Import and export settings…>Import selected environment settings>No, just import new setting, overwriting my current settings>My settings>CurrentSettings.vssettings.

Uncheck all by clicking on the “All settings” box, then under “General settings”, check the box left of Toolbox and click Finish. This will fix all you icons!

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