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Since I’m not using a internal drive on my Xtreamer, I want to access files from my file server as simple as possible.  Using regular file sharing in Windows, you have to jump several steps every time you need to go to a specific folder in the Xtreamer menu (since ‘Add to favorites’ does not seem to work for these folders, and the created “shourcut” is not really any shortcut). However, using the ‘F’ile Shares’ menu instead you may! However it seems you need to install a third party server software called Hanewin for doing this, checkout this post:


After installing HaneWin NFS (btw, disable Windows built in file sharing first, otherwise it would not work), I could use the ‘Add to favorites’ so my folders are listed directly under the Favorites menu!

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Having bought the Xtreamer (www.xtreamer.net) media player the other day, I lacked the support for Swedish internet radio stations. However, stations could be added manually. Following the guide at http://shop.xtreamer.net/Support/questions/722/Adding+13000{2B}+radio+stations+to+your+Internet+Radio+men
, I first
added all those Shoutcast stations (13000+). Then I did exactly the same for some Swedish channels.

You can download the package of Swedish channels  from my page at:

Unrar the files and folder (exaclty as is) to the internal hd of your Xtreamer (or as I did, I unrar them to an USB memory  which I use in my Xtreamer since I do not use an internal drive). After unraring, the fakeshell files should be in the root of the drive and the MySwedishRadio folder directly under the root.  Then, I connected the USB memory to the Xtreamer and went to the home page of my Xtreamer (web server must be enabled on the Xtreamer!) on a computer in my network:


Here, I entered the following in the box, just right to the # sign:

ln -sf /tmp/usbmounts/sda1/MySwedishRadio /usr/local/Live_Radio/*MySwedishRadio*

Now, *MySwedishRadio* appears as an option under the ‘Internet radio’ menu (as well as *MyShoutcast*) on my Xtreamer and I can play those channels included in the rar!

You can easly add sub directories as well as more channels by adding plsx files to the directory. I guess I’m going to add more channels when I got the time.

Happy Xtreaming every Xtreamer owner!

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